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Soybean Protein Fiber

Soybean Protein Fiber is the only botanic protein fiber in the world, a newly born guard to man>Soybean Protein Fiber

kind's skin. You will never have felt such softness, comfort and smoothness before; it is a feeling like "skin on skin". It is an active fiber, a new green textile fiber, and it possesses the superiorities of many natural fibers and synthesized ones.

Soybean Protein Fiber is an advanced textile fiber. It is made from the Soybean cake after oiling by new bioengineering technology. Firstly, the spherical protein is distilled from the soybean cake and refined. Secondly, under the functioning of auxiliary agent and biological enzyme, the space structure of spherical protein changes, and then protein spinning liquid is confected by adding high polymers, and then thirdly, after the liquid is cooked, the 0.9~3.0dtex fiber is produced by wet spinning, and stabilized by acetalizing, and finally cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.

Soybean protein fiber is praised as the health, comfortable and green fiber of the new century. Its major material is soybean protein from the farmers, massive in quantity and inexpensive in price, and using it will not cause the predatory development on the resources but is helpful to resources' recovery and redevelopment. The production of soybean protein fiber will not bring pollution to the environment, as the accessory and auxiliary agent used are not poisonous, while the residue after the protein extracted can be still used as feed. Soybean Protein Fiber has not only the superiorities of the natural fibers but also the physical properties of synthetic ones. Soybean protein fiber meets the people's demand of comfortable and beautiful wearing and also conforms to the trend of easy care. It is the potential material for middle and high class clothing in textile industry.

Nonwovens from this fiber have the following features:

1. Magnificent and noble appearance: soybean protein fiber has luster of silk which is joyful and an excellent drape which makes the fabric elegant; fabrics of yarn with high count has fine and clear appearance and is ideal for top-level shirt.

2. Outstanding comfort: soybean protein fiber not only has excellent optic effect but also has outstanding features in wearing. Knitting fabric of soybean protein fiber has soft, smooth and light handle which is the same as that of fabrics made from silk blended with cashmere; and the fabric has the same moisture absorption as that of cotton and better moisture transmission than that of cotton, which make it comfortable and sanitary.

3. Exceptional dying property: the original color of soybean protein fiber is light yellow just like that of tussore silk. It can be dyed by using acid dyestuff and active dyestuff especially the latter that makes the product have fine color and luster, and good sunlight resistance and perspiration fastness as well. Unlike the silk products, soybean protein fiber product resolves the contradiction between fine color and worse color fastness (silk products' sunlight resistance and perspiration fastness are worse which cause easily fading).

4. Good physical property: breaking strength of the single soybean protein fiber is over 3.0cNdtex, which is higher than that of wool, cotton and silk and only lower than that of polyester fiber of high intension. By now, 1.27dtex fiber can be spun into 6dtex yarn with high quality, which can be used for high-quality and high-density fabrics. Because initial modulus of soybean protein fiber is on the high side and boiling water shrinkage is low, fabric size is stable and you will not have to worry about the shrinkage of fabric under natural washing conditions. Also, fabric of soybean protein fiber has outstanding anti-crease, easy-wash and fast-dry property.

5. Healthy and functional property: soybean protein fiber has good affinity to human body's skin and possesses many kinds of amino acid, which make it has good health protection effect. 
Soybean protein fiber filled up the vacancy in textile material development of our country as a big textile-producing country. It will inevitably stimulate the new product development in the field of cotton, wool and spun silk spinning, and bring the textile corporations new development opportunity.

-------The content of protein in the fiber is up to 45%
-------Soybean protein contains 18 active materials which are necessary to human body
-------The presence state of protein: hinge type and covered type
-------Cross section of fiber is like dumbbell
-------Vertical shear of fiber has longitude grooves 
-------Peninsula-like frameworks spread equably on the surface of fiber

Vertical shear of SPF under electron microscope
Cross section of SPF under electron microscope