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We manufacture Distribute Needle Punch  Non-Woven Fabric
3.2ospy - 10.0ospy , 8"-130" BAMBOO, Cotton, Wool, Polyester, and Purified Cotton.
Our products are found in your home, At your work, and on your TV. inside Quilts, Filtration, PPE, and Automotive Interiors. We also produce Stuffing for Crafts and Upholstery,
FiberCo is proud to have longevity among it's employees. We believe this is due to the high quality of the relationships, and our ability to satisfy them. We are certain you too will experience the same! Over the years, we have grown to be the largest Garnetter (supplier) of cotton batting for the southwest. We have supplied many blue chip corporations with our products, in fact you may be sleeping on our cotton! Today we are branching out into Christmas and Seasonal Industries because we are a PRIME MANUFACTURING SOURCE and we feel we can influence these markets in a positive way. FiberCo, Inc, originally the Ray C. Clark Co, was established over Fifty years ago in Fort Worth, Texas. We built a strong reputation in the Garnetting and Needle Punch Industries.

Our Pledge!

To YOU our customer, is the same as it is to our employees. We pledge Loyalty, Honesty, and a Willingness to manufacture the best non-woven waddings and quilt battings from the highest quality Cotton, Bamboo, Wool and Polyester 

We want YOU to feel that YOU are a part of the FiberCo Family of high quality products and people. We pledge to continue to produce innovative products, and maintain our dedication to service. We want YOU, the customer, to feel like YOU are dealing with someone who cares. All these attributes established our name many years ago. 

We Look Forward To Our Growth Together.

Garnetting is the two hundred year old process of taking raw fibers, opening and layering them, resulting in the creation of a batting or a usable product. Examples of these products are polyester batting used for stuffing toys, and cotton batting that is used inside a mattress. By needle punching these fibers, we make another end product, Felts. The result is that the fibers appear as if they are woven together. Another name for these felts "NonWovens".